Bridal Bootcamp

Before you can get your dream body for that dream dress, you need to be willing to sacrifice some blood, sweat and tears. When you put in maximum effort, you will see maximum results! Read More

The Truth About Females & Weight Training

You should first know that no amount of physical activity can give you your desired body if it is not coupled with bodybuilding nutrition and a total body workout. Actually, it is the bodybuilding nutrition that is the most vital factor in building the best body.

Women’s Weight Training Myth #1 – Weight training makes you bulky. 
Due to the fact that women do not and cannot naturally produce as much testosterone (one of the main hormones responsible for increasing muscle size) as males do, it is impossible for a woman to gain huge amounts of muscle mass. Unfortunately, the image that may come to your mind is that of professional female bodybuilders. Most of these women, unfortunately, use anabolic steroids (synthetic testosterone) along with other drugs in order to achieve that high degree of muscularity. Read More

Breakfast, The Most Important Meal of the Day!

What are the chances that when your alarm goes off during the morning, you keep hitting that snooze button just right until you have enough time to put on some clothes and head off to work? What’s the missing variable in that? Breakfast of course! Those of you who’ve heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day… well that’s the truth! Starting your day without a healthy breakfast meal will only insure that the day’s demand will only break you. You won’t have enough energy to even compete in the rat race, much less win it. Read More

The Effects of Coffee and Tea

Consider switching to tea for a caffeine jolt before a race. A recent study review in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports confirmed that ingesting caffeine can improve your athletic performance, but coffee is not the best delivery system. “Java may be less efficient because of the interaction of caffeine with hundreds of other chemicals contained in coffee,” says study author Mike Doherty, Ph.D. Read More