Nutritional Counseling


Exercise burns calories, breaks down muscle and depletes stored energy. Good nutrition (food) and fluids are needed to replace what is lost through exercise so the body can start to repair itself and come back stronger. Proper nutrition promotes optimal muscle growth. Poor diet can lead to energy imbalance an increase risk of obesity. Since the food we eat eventually becomes a part of our tissue, nutritional quality is important. Over 80% of results will come from proper nutrition and understanding macro nutrient ratios and how to manipulate those factors for an optimal physique.


Your customized nutrition program will include:

  • Nutrition and Supplement Analysis
  • BMR calculation and recommended daily caloric intake
  • Assessment Analysis and follow-up
    • Base line weight
    • Circumference and Body Fat analysis
    • Detailed goal analysis
    • Customized nutrition plan
    • Weekly nutrition consultation and analysis

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