Do want to achieve that cut and defined look with your abs or chest? Or maybe you want to add more mass to your arms and legs, while at the same time burning 20-30 lbs of fat off your frame? Here’s a brief F.A.Q. for this type of situation:

1) Is it possible to achieve both goals?

Many people in the health and fitness industry find it difficult to find the kind of balance where it’s possible to consume enough calories to build muscle mass and at the same time burn fat. In fact, there are proven ways to do this and it’s quite possible to achieve both goals at the same time. Just note that it’s not an easy task.

2) It seems like everybody is taking steroids for the quick solution of building muscle…Should I consider doing steroids?

My answer is NO; you should not consider the use of steroids. There are too many associated health risks involved. Sure you’ll get results quick, but you’ll be paying the piper during and after a cycle of using steroids. I don’t mean just short-term, but also long-term consequences are to be expected years later down the road.
3) When is the best time to eat following a workout?

After a high intensity workout session, you should follow up with a protein shake or a protein rich meal immediately, at least within the hour after your workout. During post-workout your muscles need nutrients in order to recover and repair damaged muscle. Consuming protein right after your workout will ensure a more efficient muscle repair process.
4) What types of exercises most effectively promote muscle growth?

Generally, there aren’t any workout routines that are rated the ‘best’ or ‘least’ effective. Just because a certain workout routine helped your buddy gain 20 lbs of muscle doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get the same results. Everyone’s body is different and will stimulate to certain movements on an individual to individual basis. But for beginner lifters, you should start out with compound exercises that work your large muscle groups as a whole. Compound exercises include bench press, squats, dead-lifts, power cleans, etc. Exercises like these will help promote strength, size, and fat-loss!

The dream of building muscle and burning fat is quite possible…It’s just dependent upon several factors that will determine your success. Contributing factors include your exercise program, diet and nutrition, and how much rest you get each night for proper recovery. Just note that it is possible, but it won’t be an easy task.