Virtual personal training helps you safely reach your health and fitness goals with all the convenience of training in your own home, gym, or other personal space. You do not have to be in the same city to receive online training. Body By Willpower specializes in body and lifestyle transformations with the use of physical training, nutritional changes, and assessment to help you reach your goals.

My Online training provides:

  • Assessment tools and follow-up assessments to customize your goal and training plan.

  • Weekly consultations and program adjustment.

  • Access through online personal training app, text, call, Skype.

  • Custom exercise and nutrition program with clear instructions on how to do a specific exercise.

  • Online exercise and video library.

  • Motivation and accountability while seeing results!

Online training offers personal training suited to your fitness goals and needs–whether that’s Olympic lifting, preparing for fitness competitions, or marathon training–and they don’t even have to live on the same continent as you!



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