A detailed and designed contest preparation ensures that your physique is in optimal condition and ready for the competition. A Competition coach ensures that you have the ingredients to be successful when you walk on stage.

Choosing the appropriate competition is the first step. Workout and nutrition are just a few of the necessary items needed to be effective. Strategy and precision are the key such as water manipulation, sodium and potassium ratio, and event details. Knowledge and purposeful planning make for a successful time on stage whether you are a new or experienced competitor.

Knowing how to plan and prepare for your competition by using various training platforms such as periodization training, among others can make the difference in peaking at the appropriate time without the loss of muscle. Competition training includes all facets from workout to nutrition to stage presence among other things to build an optimal physique.


The Body By Willpower contest preparation program includes the following:

    • Identify contest and outline workout program
    • Fitness Assessment(s) and follow-up
    • Customized nutrition analysis and design
    • Customized workout design for competition
    • Weekly Meal tracking and analysis
    • Posing classes
    • Progression photos and videos
    • Stage and contest prep



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What My Clients Say

Client Testimonials

I’m 58 years old and weighed 183 in January 2004. Beginning of February2004, I hired a personal trainer, Will Crosley, and by May had lost 40 pounds! I followed the plan Will gave me to the “T”. Not once did I cheat on the food plan. I trusted him completely. I just loved being in the gym and seeing my body change. It wasn’t until 4 years later that I actually trained for my first competition. It gave me a goal to work towards, and I am a goal driven person.It’s a way of life for me now. If I’m ever having a bad day, I feel everything is better when I walk in the door of the gym and start training!

Christie Whitesides

Thank you, Will, for your work with training me for my wedding and challenge. I never looked nor felt better . Thanks for pushing me beyond my limit

Cindy Cervantes

Thanks for nailing my diet that helped me win “Novice Middleweight Class” at Lackland Bodybuilding Championship!

Tim Bond


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